Accepted abstracts

No. Authors Title
1 Kadarno Purwo, Mori Ken-Ichiro, Abe Yohei 2-stage plate forging for thickening edge of punched hole of high strength steel sheet
2 Kukielka Krzysztof 3 d numerical analysis the state of elastic/visco-plastic strain in the external round thread rolled on cold
3 Loh-Mousavi Mohsen, Mori Ken Ichiro, Tabatabai Alireza, Maeno T., 3-d finite element simulation of hot gas bulging of aluminum alloy tube using resistance heating
4 Strickner Georg, Ragger Katharina, Hatzenbichler Thomas, Buchmayr Bruno 3d finite element simulation of cold pilgering over the whole productive time
5 Lee Sangmok, Kim Yong-Bae, Lee Geun-An, Bae Dong-Su, Lee Jongsup A bonding interface behavior of a cu/al clad rod through the hot hydrostatic extrusion
6 Ding Shichao, Zhang Yuankun A comparison study of chain forming and roll forming by forming a top hat section
7 Elyasi Majid, Yazdanpanah Arian, Daeizadeh Vahid A computational approach to fine-blanking process
8 Na Doo-Hyun, Lee Youngseog A cooling method which reduce the thermo mechanically-induced tensile stresses on work roll surface in hot slab rolling process
9 Deng Guanyu, Lu Cheng, Su Lihong, Yu Hailiang, Si Liangying, Liu Xianghua, Tieu A. Kiet A crystal plasticity finite element analysis of influence of initial crystal orientation on texture evolution and deformation heterogeneity of cold-rolled aluminum
10 Wiebenga Jan Harmen, Weiss Matthias, Rolfe Bernard, Van Den Boogaard Ton A first approach to robust in-line control of a roll forming process
11 Parvizi Ali, Abrinia Karen A generalized three dimentional upper bound analysis of
12 Khajevand Gholamali, Zohoor Mehdi A metamodel-based optimization of axial feed rate in hydroforming of tailor-welded tubes
13 Gilbin Alexandre, Fontaine Michaël, Michel Gérard, Thibaud Sébastien, Picart Philippe A methodology for optimisation of micro-milling operations in hard steels
14 Sung S.U., Na D.H., Lee Youngseog A model to design the separating groove and oval groove in deformed bar rolling process
15 Aghigh Seyed Mohammad, Montazerolghaem Hamid A new application of structure light technique for 3d displacement measurement of formed sheet
16 Kaiser Robert, Hatzenbichler Thomas, Buchmayr Bruno A new concept to design drawing tools with respect to central damage
17 Lee Sang Jin, Lee Jung Min, Ko Dae Chul, Kim Byung Min A new design of roll profile in shape rolling process of automobile door hinge using electric field analysis
18 Alexandrov Sergei, Jeng Yeau-Ren A new gradient theory of plasticity for modeling metal forming processes
19 Yuan Shi-Jian, Hu Lan A new hydro-bending process of ultra-thin tubes
20 Li Xuetao, Li Nan, Lin Jianguo A new technique for determining forming limit diagrams of high strength steels at elevated temperatures
21 Hassan Mohsen, Hezam Labib, Hassab-Allah Ibrahim, El-Sebaie Mohamed A novel process for deep drawing of irregular cross sections through conical dies
22 Doke Naoyuki, Oya Tetsuo A novel springback compensation method based on finite element analysis and springback mechanics
23 Cui Zhenshan, Chen Wen, Liu Juan A pass planning method for multi-hit stretching of heavy forgings by integration of a semi-analytical technique and degrees-reduced finite element
24 Matsumoto Toru, Kuboki Takashi, Jin Yingjun, Terada Kenjiro A prediction method to predict spring-back in v-bending considering rolling condition
25 Jayasekara Vishara, Jeong Hoon, Jung Seo A preliminary study on the behavior of solid lubricants in cold forming process
26 Lyamina Elena, Alexandrov Sergei, Lang Lihui A semi-analytic 3-d solution for bending under tension and its applications
27 Yu Chenglong, Li Dongsheng, Li Xiaoqiang, Wang Lili A stretch forming system over multi-point tooling in real factory environment
28 Zhang Yuankun, Ding Shichao A study of forming a right-angled channel section in one pass by chain forming
29 Hato Ratchanee, Chumrum Pakorn, Premanond Varunee, Prommul Kusol A study of hot forging process for manufacture pvc pipe clamps
30 Chiang Tzu-Hsin, Li Ming-Fu, Chang Shun-Kuo, Chen Ta-Yu A study on aluminum sheet metal hydroforming for cell phone housings
31 Hur Kwan-Do, Ye Sang-Don, Choi Youn-Ho, Shin Eun-Kyeong, Kim Seung-Hwan, Lee Seong-Chul A study on design of forward-backward extrusion die for large cylinder disk
32 Byon S.M., Lee Y. A study on effect of side guide to reduce camber in actual reversible hot plate rolling
33 Narahashi Daisuke, Otashiro Kenya, Hoshino Michihiko, Sekine Tsutomu A study on manufacturing of side-door impact beam for automobile ~examination of production by complex extrusion of multi billet~
34 Pell Stephen, Long Hui A study on mechanics of conventional spinning using a truncated hemispherical dome
35 Park Ji-Woo, Ahn Deok-Chan, Jeong Yang-Jin, Kang Beom-Soo, Ku Tae-Wan A study on multi-stage deep drawing process for rectangular cup using thin sheet material of sts409l
36 Gao Tao, Bai Qian, Lin Jianguo, Balint Daniel A study on temperature distribution of specimens tested on the gleeble 3800 at hot forming conditions
37 Elyasi Majid, Daeizadeh Vahid A study on the development of progressive die for fine-blanking process
38 Noh Hak-Gon, Ku Tae-Wan, Song Woo-Jin, Kang Beom-Soo A study on two-stage forming process for lng storage tank’s membrane with stainless steel 304l
39 Cho Woo Hyun, Choi Ji-Ung, Yoon Jong-Hoon, Yoo Joon-Tae, Lee Ho-Sung A study on welded joint strength for hot forming of alloy 718
40 Kim Se-Ho, Choi Hyun-Jun, Lim Yong-Hee A systematic approach of the tool compensation for the stamping process of a side sill member with uhss
41 Foydl Annika, Pfeiffer Insa, Jäger Andreas, Kammler Matthias, Tekkaya A. Erman, Behrens Bernd-Arno About the production of steel-reinforced components by the means of extrusion and die forging
42 Uesugi Kenichi Advanced 12-high mill for thin and hard material
43 Ludwig Manuel, Stahlmann Jörg, Groche Peter Advanced friction model for cold forging processes
44 Engel Bernd, Hinkel Markus Advanced model for the calculation of the bending moment and the process forces in the rotary draw bending process
45 Girardin François, Fontaine Michael, Gilbin Alexandre, Giunta Didier Advanced monitoring in micro-milling
46 Farrugia Didier Advancement in computational micromechanics and experimentation for studying ductile damage of free cutting steel
47 Fukui Hisao, Kaikawa Kentaro, Tsuruta Syozo Alloying biomedical ti-30mass%ta by cold crucible levitation melting(cclm) furnace
48 Gronostajski Zbigniew, Skubiszewski Tomasz, Zwierzchowski Maciej Aluminum bronze ba1032 deformed by ecap
49 Trull Mikhail, Horn Anthony An analysis of blunt flaws in pipe girth welds using experimental techniques and finite element simulation
50 Irani Missam, Karimi Taheri Ali An analytical and experimental study of precision forging of aluminum spur gear
51 Sung Joong-Ui, Na Doo-Hyun, Lee Y. An approach to obtain coulomb friction coefficient of metal in high temperature rolling process
52 Lin Jjianguo, Bai Qian, Balint Daniel An efficient closed-form method for determining interfacial heat transfer coefficient and applications in metal forming
53 Rajabi Ali An experimental and finite element study on the deep-drawing of thermoplastic fiber-metal laminates
54 Ingarao Giuseppe, Gagliardi Francesco, Ambrogio Giuseppina, Di Lorenzo Rosa An experimental campaign to investigate sustainability issues in single point incremental forming processes
55 Asgarikia Mehdi, Barati Farzan An experimental study on effects of kinds of under layer and thickness of powder coating on corrosion resistance of cold rolled st12 plates.
56 Ding Shichao, Yuan Jie, Daniel William An exploratory study of making structural parts of motor vehicles
57 Behrens Bernd-Arno, Voges-Schwieger Kathrin, Jocker Jan, Schrödter Jens An innovative material inherent load sensor
58 Mohamed Mohamed, Lin Jianguo, Balint Daniel, Darlington Roger, Salors John An investigation of damage theories in predicting phenomena in stamping process
59 Saghafi Babak, Abrinia Karen An investigation of material flow pattern in extrusion of non-symmetric l-shape section
60 Ebrahimi Alavikolai Mehdi, Enderami Moein, Elyasi Majid An investigation of v-ring indenter mechanism in fine-blanking process
61 Zhuang Xincun, Zhao Zhen, Wei Wanzhou, Xiang Hua An investigation on flow curves determination under thick sheet metal testing and inverse modeling
62 Fereshteh-Saniee Faramarz, Barati Farzan, Pezeshki S.Mahmoud An investigation on friction factor at elevated temperature for several magnesium
63 Buffa Gianluca, Fratini Livan, Ingarao Giuseppe, Di Lorenzo Rosanna, Arregi Bernaitz, Penalva Mariluz An optimization procedure for the friction stir welding fem model of corner fillet joints
64 Mansourifard Mehdi, Abrinia Karen Analysis and investigation of exit velocity in back of flat–die extrusion process with l-section
65 Szarek Arkadiusz, Stradomski Grzegorz Analysis of changes in the microstructure of ti6al4v prostheses made under the influence of cyclic loads resulting from human motor skills.
66 Patyk Radoslaw Analysis of contact pressures in embossing process of regular asperities of surface
67 Montazerolghaem Hamid, Behbahani Saeid Analysis of cutting forces, stability lobes diagram, tool life and work hardening in vibration assisted cutting
68 Hayakawa Kunio, Mori Hiroyuki, Koyabu Keita, Nakamura Tamotsu, Tanaka Shigekazu Analysis of effect of substrate material on interfacial stress state in scratch test
69 Shafiei Ehsan, Ebrahimi Ramin Analysis of flow stress curves up to the peak
70 Chen Dyi-Cheng, Shiu Jiun-Ru, Nian Fung-Ling, Chen Ming-Ren Analysis of forging forming of 6061 aluminum alloy bicycle pedal
71 Yoshida Kazunari, Watanabe Takatoshi Analysis of occurrence of alligatoring crack in bar rolling by fem
72 Szarek Arkadiusz Analysis of porosity and critical decohesion force in hap layers present in human body
73 Bartnicki Jarosław, Tomczak Janusz, Pater Zbigniew Analysis of rolling extrusion process of hydrokinetic joint forging
74 Mroz Sebastian, Szota Piotr, Dyja Henryk Analysis of slitting passes wear for rolling ribbed bars with a longitudinal band separation
75 Haghighat H. Analysis of tube hydroforming in a square cross-section die considering anisotropic effects of the material
76 Lee Ho Yong, Hwang Beong Bok, Lee Su Hyen Analysis on forming energy in backward can extrusion processes
77 Hwang Beong Bok, Noh Jeong Hoon Analysis on the tool wear in combined forward and backward tube extrusion process
78 Min Junying, Lin Jianping, Xin Lijiu Anisothermal deformation of boron steel 22mnb5 at elevated temperatures
79 Lizuka Takashi Apparent properties of embossed aluminum sheet formed by punch stretching with counter rubber punch
80 Hocine Chalal, Farid Abed-Meraim Application and evaluation of a new solid–shell finite element on the simulation of sheet metal forming processes
81 Li Jianping, Hua Fu-An, Wang Guodong, Niu Wenyong, Wu Di Application of innovative techniques and devices in the development of steel grades
82 Grzymkowski Radosław, Hetmaniok Edyta, Słota Damian, Zielonka Adam Application of the ant colony optimization algorithm in solving the inverse stefan problem
83 Muszka Krzysztof, Madej Lukasz, Lopez-Pedrosa Magdalena, Wynne Bradley Application of the digital material representation approach to the strain inhomogeneities modelling of ti-6al-4v alloy with different alpha structure morphologies
84 Fereshteh-Saniee Faramarz, Barati Farzan Application of the ring and cylindrical compression tests for magnesium alloys
85 Haji Aboutalebi Farhad, Roustaei Masoud Applied
86 Szarek Arkadiusz, Korytkowski Marcin, Rutkowski Leszek, Scherer Rafał Artificial neural network supporting hip replacement prostheses selection
87 Szarek Arkadiusz, Postawa Przemysław, Stradomski Grzegorz Assessment of biochemical processes and the influence of cyclic loads on the strength of pmma used for attaching the prosthesis to the bone.
88 Yazdanpanah Arian, Elyasi Majid, Daeizadeh Vahid Assessment of influence of some process parameters on sheet metal
89 Adrian Gumuła, Mirosław Głowacki, Tomasz Dębiński Automatic approach to microstructural image recognition and analysis
90 Lan Jian, Zhang Yong, You Wei, Wang Dandan, Cao Qiang, Hua Lin Backward extrusion of 304 stainless steel cup-shape part with inner boss
91 Palosaari Mikko, Manninen Timo Bake-hardening of stabilized ferritic stainless steels
92 Plettke Raoul, Vatter Peter, Vipavc Daniel Basics of process design for 3d freeform-bending
93 Engel Bernd, Kersten Sebastian Bending tests for the characterization of freeform-bending processes
94 Yoo Joon-Tae, Yoon Jong-Hoon, Lee Ho-Sung Blank thickness optimization for free bulging to maximize formability at high temperature
95 Kondo Yasumitsu, Tanei Hiroshi, Suzuki Noriyuki, Ushioda Kohsaku, Maeda Muneyuki Blistering behavior at oxide scale formation during hot rolling
96 Xiaogang Qiu, Yuedong Huang Cadcae collaborative design of auto panel die surfaces
97 Sanjabi Vahid, Hashemi Syyed Akbar, Khatirineghad Fard Saeid Cae-based optimization of stamping processes for an automotive member (reinforcer inner back-door member)
98 Kitting Daniela, Kunter Karlheinz, Ofenheimer Aldo, Till Edwin, Grünbaum Martin, Wiegand Klaus, Dietmaier Peter Categorization of stretching and bending deformation scenarios in complex shaped deep drawing parts
99 Joo Byeongdon, Jeon Chanhu, Jang Jeonghwan, Moon Younghoon Characteristics of hydroformed flanged part for automotive applications
100 Noh Jeong Hoon, Hwang Beong Bok Characteristics of tool wear in forming a central hub component
101 Safaei Mohsen, De Waele Wim Characterization of deep drawing steels for accurate simulation of sheet metal forming processes
102 Węglowski Marek Stanisław, Pietras Adam, Dymek Staniław, Hamilon Carter Characterization of fmp process as a state of the art tool for enhancing surface properties in aluminium alloys
103 Graf Marcel, Kawalla Rudolf Characterization of multilayered oxide scale
104 Kalemba Izabela, Wrobel Miroslaw, Dymek Stanislaw, Hamilton Carter, Bonarski Jan, Pawlak Sylwia Characterization of texture in friction stir welded 7136-t76 aluminum alloy
105 Gagliardi Francesco, Ambrogio Giuseppina, Anghinelli Odetta, Filice Luigino Chip recycling in porthole die extrusion: consideration on energy saving and welding line quality
106 Hosseinzadeh Morterza, Zamani Ali Cold drawn of square tubular section from round tube by using square-to-square die
107 González-Bravo Carlos, Domingo Rosario, Álvarez Roberto Cold formed s250gd+z steel cross section profile for timber upgrading
108 Mauk Paul Josef, Overhagen Christian Cold rolling of high-strength stainless steel foils with ceramic sin work rolls
109 Cho Jaemin, Kim Bongsu, Moon Hokeun, Lee Mincheol, Joun Mansoo Comparative study on mannesmann rollpiercing process between diecher’s guiding disc and stiefel’s guiding shoe
110 Yu Wang, Bao-Lin Liu Comparison between stiffness characteristic of rubber and metal rubber under quasi-static load
111 Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Myoung-Gyu, Kim Daeyong, Barlat Frederic Comparison of forming limits predicted using phenomenological and crystal plasticity models
112 Hosseinzadeh Morteza, Bakhshi-Jooybari Mohammad, Gorji A. Hamid Comparison of new die set of hydroforming and hydromechanical deep drawing in the forming of cylindrical cup
113 Seo Jeong Min, Noh Jeong Hoon, Hwang Beong Bok Comparison of surface stress profiles in ring compression and double cup extrusion tests
114 Bidulský Róbert, Kočiško Róbert, Bidulská Jana, Kvačkaj Tibor, Actis Grande Marco Compressibility analysis of aluminum pm alloys by numerical and mathematical simulation
115 Tuninetti Víctor, Habraken Anne Marie Compression test for anysotropy characterization using optical full-field displacement measurement technique
116 Skóra Mariusz, Węglarczyk Stanisław, Paćko Marek, Pietrzyk Maciej Computer aided design of manufacturing of anchores with required characteristic resistance
117 Sztangret Mateusz, Milenin Andrzej, Sztangret Łukasz, Walczyk Wojciech, Kusiak Jan, Pietrzyk Maciej Computer aided design of the tr forging technology for crank shafts – sensitivity to model and process parameters
118 Swillo Slawomir, Czyzewski Piotr, Lisok Joanna Computer aided process design for die forming tools using fem and vision system technique
119 Kaldunski Pawel Computer modeling and numerical analysis of tall drawpieces forming by the redrawing method
120 Sakamoto Daichi, Iizuka Takashi, Hatanaka Nobuo Consideration about development of die abrasion in punching process on the basis of experimental behavior of burr shape formation.
121 Sun Chaoyang, Wang Weihua, Cao Jianguo, Li Rui Constitutive relation and earring predictions for anisotropic sus304 stainless steel sheet
122 Han Xinghui Contact characteristics in cold rotary forging
123 Ko Dae Hoon, Ko Dae Cheol, Lim Hak Jin, Lee Jung Min, Kim Byung Min Control of mechanical properties and residual stress for hot backward extruded al6061 tube according to quenching schedule of t6 heat treatment
124 Yongli Chen, Liqing Chen Control techniques of oxide scales in hot rolled heavy and medium plates
125 Hölker Ramona, Jäger Andreas, Ben Khalifa Nooman, Tekkaya A. Erman Cooling of extrusion dies manufactured by rapid tooling technologies
126 Jiang Zhengyi, Li Hejie, Wei Dongbin Crystal plasticity finite element method analysis of 3d surface asperity flattening in metal forming process
127 Hama Takayuki, Takuda Hirohiko Crystal plasticity finite-element simulation of deformation behavior in a magnesium alloy sheet considering detwinning
128 Choi H. S., Ko D. C., Kang C. G., Lee S. B., Kim B. M. Damage and wear characteristics of the various tool steels in trimming of cold stamped dp980 and hot stamped 22mnb5
129 Marretta Laura, Di Lorenzo Rosa, Ambrogio Giuseppina, Anghinelli Odetta, Dornfeld David Deep drawing versus incremental forming processes: a comparative cradle to gate analysis
130 Hartley P., Plancak M., Essa K., Vilotic D., Movrin D. Deformation analysis during bi-metallic coining operations
131 Manabe Ken-Ichi, Sato Hideki, Furushima Tsuyoshi Deformation behavior in micro sheet hydroforming process
132 Iguchi Keinosuke, Kuriyama Yukihisa, Moroi Naoki, Hama Takayuki, Takuda Hirohiko, Deformation behavior of high strength steel sheet during roll forming of electric resistance welded pipe
133 Fukumoto Masahiro, Watanabe Yuta, Atsumi Keisuke, Affi Jon, Yamada Motohiro Deformation property of cold sprayed metallic coatings
134 Gaebel Christoph Michael, Hübner Sven, Behrens Bernd-Arno Deformation-induced damages of an anti-fingerprint clear-coat on ferritic stainless steel sheet metal
135 Ueno Kanji, Tazawa Jun, Onoyama Kouichi, Saito Iwao, Fujikawa Shinichiro, Mori Ken-Ichiro Design of forging process for park gear
136 Khoei A.R., Keshavarz Sh., Molaeinia Z. Design optimization of hot forming process of metal powders via the genetic algorithm technique
137 Skubisz Piotr, Micek Piotr, Sińczak Jan, Celadyn Krzysztof Determination of emissivity coefficient characteristics for controlled cooling of nickel-alloy forgings in static and dynamic conditions
138 Skubisz Piotr Determination of forging and direct cooling conditions of drop forged ultra-high strength steel
139 Song Yanli, Hua Lin Determination of the inhomogeneous mechanical properties of weld materials and their influences on the formability of tailor welded blanks
140 Guo Zhanli Determination of the non-recrystallisation temperature in microalloyed steels during hot rolling
141 Zhan Mei, Jiang Zhiqiang, Zhang Peipei Determination of the ranges of process parameters for the nc bending of a ta18 titanium alloy tube
142 Basti Ali, Esmaeili Sareh, Sojodi Soheila Determination of the residual stress in the machined layer of multi phase alloys by considering the prior cold rolling process
143 Jose Roberto Marty-Delgado, Celestine N Okoye, C.C Awah Development of intelligent control of optimum parameters in deep drawing of sheet metal using neural network, genetic algorithm and finite element methods
144 Basti Ali, Sojodi Soheila, Esmaeili Sareh Development a predictive finite element model for investigation of phases behavior after cold sheet rolling process
145 Jeon Sung Jin, Kim Byeong Min Development of automotive door inner panel using aa5j32 tailor rolled blank
146 Stebunov Sergey, Vakalov Alexander, Biba Nikolai Development of blade forging by optimization of the material flow
147 Gołąb Rafał, Madej Łukasz, Rauch Łukasz Development of cellular automata (ca) modeling framework with knowledge bases as a source for automata transition rules.
148 Okoye C.N, Marty-Delgado Jose Roberto, Awah C.C Development of electromagnetic –assisted incremental sheet forming
149 Kim Kyung-Jin Development of half channel angular extrusion as a new severe plastic deformation process for increasing the efficiency of grain refinement
150 Lee C.J., Ko D.C., Lee S.B., Kim B.M. Development of inner door panel by tailor bonded blank
151 Mendoza Victor Development of processing map for carpenter biodur 734 alloy and its application to industrial scale hot rolling process
152 Milenin Andrzej, Kopernik Magdalena Development of temperature-depended elastic-plastic numerical model of blood chamber of ventricular assist device
153 Huang Tyng-Bin, Hou Chia-Wei, Chen Fuh-Kuo Die cooling system design and process parameters study for hot stamping
154 Khazaie Pedram, Masoumi Dehaghi Iman, Safari Mohammad Ali Die design for flashless forging of connecting rod cap
155 Chen Ke, Lin Jianping, Smith Lorenzo Digital image correlation investigation of strain localization of advanced high strength steel
156 Svyetlichnyy Dmytro S., Łach Łukasz Digital material representation of given parameters
157 Majidi Omid, Barlat Frédéric, Kim Chongmin, Lee Myoung-Gyu Drawability of ahss sheets with using digital servo-press
158 Aizawa Tatsuhiko, Itoh Kuniyoshi, Fukuda Tatsuya Duplex coating of aisi-316 and 420 dies for hot mold-stamping
159 Ibuki Kohei, Yamanaka Akinori, Yoshino Masahiko Ebsd analysis of static recrystallized microstructure formed by nano plastic forming and annealing
160 Dziedzic Dominik, Muszka Krzysztof, Majta Janusz Effect of strain-induced reverse transformation on austenite morphology of microalloyed steel
161 Chokchaithananan Nuntawat, Pitakkorraras Sorachai, Takateru Umeda Effect of boron addition on continuous cooling transformation and high temperature deformation behavior of al-killed low carbon steel
162 Nourouzi Salman, Baseri Hamid, Ghavamodini Seyed Mehdi, Kolahdooz Amin Effect of casting temperature and cooling system on the microstructure of al-a356 feedstock produced by cooling slope method
163 Aoki Kengo, Yoshida Kenji, Hoshino Michihiko, Sekine Tsutomu Effect of chamber shape in extrusion with orthogonal channel for fuel cell separator
164 Mirahmadi Khaki Daavood, Alizaadeh Otaaghvar Vahid Effect of coiling temperature of hot rolling on the mechanical properties of a nb-microalloyed steel sheet
165 Heo Seong-Chan, Seo Young-Ho, Yoon Jun-Seok, Song Woo-Jin, Ku Tae-Wan, Kang Beom-Soo Effect of design variables on forming accuracy in thick plate flexible forming process
166 Wu Yongrong, Lin Jianping, Min Junying Effect of different direction respect to rolling direction on the mechanical behavior of aluminium sheets 5052, 5083, 5182 and 6k21.
167 Duan Zhengtao, Zhu Fuxian, Li Yanmei Effect of direct quenching on mechanical properties and microstructure of 800mpa hsla steel
168 Abvabi Akbar, Larranaga Jon, Yang Chunhui, Galdos Lander, Weiss Matthias Effect of element type and mesh density on numerical modeling of roll forming and v-die bending
169 Tahmasebi Mohammad Hossein, Khaleghifar Mohammad Hossein, Meratian Mahmood Effect of equal channel angular pressing process on the mechanical properties of al-6061
170 Mirahmadi Khaki Daavood Effect of finish rolling temperature on formability of a nb-microalloyed steel sheet
171 Chen Shuisheng, Lin Jianping Effect of friction coefficient on forming behaviors and application to the forming of tailor welded blanks
172 Razavi Gholam Reza, Saboktakin Mohsen, Monajati Hossein Effect of hot and cold rolling on the microstructure and mechanical properties of twip steels containing molybdenum
173 Farahat Ahmed Ismail Zaky Farahat Effect of hot rolling and austempering on the tensile strength and wear resistance of ductile cast iron
174 Han Cong, Xu Yongchao, Yuan Shijian Effect of initial thickness on tube hydroforming of curved components with rectangular cross-sections
175 Nourouzi Salman, Botkan Mohammad, Kolahdooz Amin Effect of isothermal stirring by mechanical stirrer on microstructure of al-a356 alloy
176 Li Chao, Dai Sheng-Long, Zhang Kun, Hunag Min, Ru Jigang Effect of microstructures on creep behavior of 7050 aluminum alloy in creep age forming
177 Inada Atsumori, Hasegawa Kiyoshi, Endou Junichi Effect of parallel control of press with eccentric force(2) -control of forming processes and optimization system
178 Sasada Masahiro Effect of punch length on punch deflection in double-sided shearing with unbalanced blankholding forces
179 Marnette Jascha, Rolfe Bernard, Hodgson Peter, Weiss Matthias Effect of roller leveling on the bending behavior of aged steel strip
180 Horita Masaomi, Nakayama Noboru, Saito Naoto, Miki Hiroyuki, Takeishi Hiroyuku Effect of shearing strain on mechanical properties of titanium thin plate by compression shearing method at room temperature
181 Nilsonthi Thanasak, Tungtrongpairoj Jennarong, Chandra-Ambhorn Somrerk, Wouters Yves, Galerie Alain Effect of silicon on formation and mechanical adhesion of thermal oxide scales grown on low carbon steels in a hot-rolling line
182 Nourouzi Salman, Ghavamodini Seyed Mehdi, Kolahdooz Amin Effect of slope plate variable and pouring temperature on semi-solid microstructure of a356 aluminum alloy
183 Perez-Santiago Rogelio, Hendrichs Nicolas, Garcia-Romeu Maria Luisa, Bagudanch Isabel Effect of strain hardening exponent in the incremental sheet forming force
184 Mróz Sebastian, Laber Konrad, Sygut Piotr, Dyja Henryk Effect of temperature distribution over the feedstock length on the metal plastic flow during wire rod rolling
185 Kim Daeyong, Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Young Seon, Kim Sang Woo Effect on temperature and rate on earing of magnesium alloy sheet
186 Bai Qian, Lin Jianguo, Balint Daniel S., Dean Trevor A. Effects of different forming parameters on localised thinning in superplastic gas-blow forming of ti-6al-4v alloys
187 Noda Masafumi, Sakai Naoto, Funami Kunio, Mori Hisashi Effects of rolling process and microstructure on high strength and ductility of magnesium alloy
188 Chang Chao-Cheng, Lin Jian-Chen, Siao Cheng-Ping Effects of temperature and grain size on combined micro forward and backward extrusion of copper
189 Fereshteh-Saniee Faramarz, Pezeshki S.Mahmoud, Barati Farzan Effects of temperature and strain rate on hardness and microstructure of magnesium alloys
190 Ahn Dong-Gyu, Sun Hyang-Sun Effects of the imperfection on the impact response of a thin metallic sandwich plate with metallic truss cores
191 Daamen Markus, Vidoni Michele, Hirt Gerhard Effects of the variation of profile shape on the geometric accuracy and microstructure in profile strip casting
192 Nonaka Tomohiro, Sakata Yutaka, Marumo Yasuo, Okinishi Yoshinori, Horinouchi Hiroki, Ogawa Ippei, Watanabe Shinobu Effects of various sensors on in-process defect detection in progressive dies
193 Zimniak Zbigniew Electromagnetic forming by rapid multiple discharge of capacitors
194 Haji Aboutalebi Farhad, Roustaei Masoud Empirical determination of lemaitre's ductile damage parameters for thin sheet metals by variation of the elasticity modulus method
195 Rubio Eva Energetic analysis of tube drawing processes by the upper bound method using theoretical work-hardening materials
196 Koriyama Shigeki, Sae-Tae Paiboon, Suzuki Shinsuke, Asakawa Motoo, Ide Takuya, Nakajima Hideo Enhancement of the hardness of lotus-type porous copper by shot peening
197 Yu Xianglong, Jiang Zhengyi, Wei Dongbin, Yang Quan Enthalpy-based modelling of phase transformation of oxide scale on hot-rolled steel strip
198 Junjie Xiao, Dongsheng Li, Xiaoqiang Li, Chao Zhang, Chaohai Jin, Establishment of constitutive model of ti-6al-4v at hot environment
199 Segawa Akio Evaluation of deformation behavior of oxide scale in hot rolling by visualization using vacuum rolling mill
200 Premanond Varunee, Niyomrit Pongpan Evaluation of fluoride based conversion coating on al-alloy for cold forming lubrication performances
201 Werber Alexandra, Liewald Mathias Evaluation of influencing variables on the denting behavior of sheet metals
202 Shahri Gh.Reza, Jenabali Jahromi Seyed Ahmad Evaluation of mechanical properties of al 1050/nanotio2 nanocomposite produced by accumulative roll bonding
203 Thome Andrew, Toro Alejandro, Luo Alan, Misiołek Wojciech Z. Evaluation of workability of new high ductility mg alloys
204 Kim Kee Poong, Kim Hyun Woo Experimental analysis for shearing and bending characteristics of laminate sheets adhered with dissimilar metals
205 Yanhua Li, Jianping Lin, Rui Zheng Experimental and analytical study on formability of tailor welded blanks considering through-thickness normal stress
206 Reza-Mohammadlou H., Hosseinipour S.J., Baseri H., Shamsi-Sarband A., Soleimani E. Experimental and fem investigation of gas blow forming in a conical closed die
207 Martínez-Donaire Andrés Jesús, Vallellano Carpóforo, Morales Domingo, García-Lomas Francisco Javier Experimental and numerical analysis of the failure of aa7075-o stretch-bend sheets
208 Buffa Gianluca, Forcellese Archimede, Fratini Livan, Simoncini Michela Experimental and numerical analysis on post welding formability of fswed az31 magnesium alloy thin joints obtained using a “pinless” tool configuration
209 Ozturk Fahrettin, Toros Serkan, Polat Aytekin Experimental and numerical investigation of springback behaivor of trip800 steel
210 Khalilian Mohsen, Loh-Mousavi Mohsen, Arabbeigi Mahdi Experimental and numerical investigation of thickness distribution in hydroforming of stainless steel bellows
211 Rajenthirakumar Duraiswamy, Chandramohan G, Thyla P R Experimental and numerical investigations of superalloy tube hydroforming
212 Weinrich Andres, Hermes Matthias, Chatti Sammi, Tekkaya A. Erman Experimental and numerical investigations on incremental stress superposition on air bending
213 Vukcevic M., Plancak M., Savicevic S., Janjic M., Sibalic N. Experimental and numerical simulation of friction stir welding process of 6082-t6 aluminium alloys
214 Cheng Gang, Gélin Jean-Claude, Barriere Thierry Experimental investigation and numerical modelling of the viscoelastic polymers flow in the micro-structured mould during hot embossing process
215 Kim Daeyong, Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Myoung-Gyu Experimental investigation on biaxial formability of tailored ultra high strength steel at elevated temperature
216 Peter Demmel, Roland Golle, Hoffmann Hartmut, Volk Wolfram Experimental investigation on the temperature distribution in the shearing zone during sheet metal blanking
217 Miłek Tomasz Experimental investigations into one-sided and two-sided bulge forming of steel reducing tubes
218 Rösel Sebastian Experimental investigations on the potential of a magnetorheological fluid to decrease the leakage rates in rectangular leakage area cross sections in hydroforming processes
219 Kulakowska Agnieszka Experimental researches of burnishing rolling process of regular surface asperities prepared in turning process
220 Wang J.T., Yang C.H., Hodgson P.D. Experimental studies and modelling of the deformation behaviour of multiple nanolayers
221 Jelokhanian Mohammad Experimental study and fem simulation of forging process
222 Shan Debin, Yuan Lin Experimental study and fem simulation of precision forging processing for a 7075 aluminum alloy conical housing with high ribs
223 Alamdari Majid, Ghowsi Kavan, Masoumi Abolfazl Experimental study of onion ring formation in friction stir welding (fsw) and effect of tool on this phenomenon in aluminum 6061-t6
224 Di Franco Giuseppe, Fratini Livan, Pasta Antonino Experimental study of spr-bonded joints cfrp-al 2024 t6
225 Hetmaniok Edyta, Slota Damian Experimental verification of the procedure of reconstructing the boundary condition in the problem of binary alloy solidification
226 Chodor Jaroslaw, Kukielka Leon Experiments, modelling, numerical simulations and behavior of elasto/visco-plastic workpiece material during machining
227 Sun Chaoyang, Liu Geng, Li Rui, Zhang Qingdong Extrusion limitation for az31 mg alloy tubes based on numerical simulation
228 Zhang Baohong, Zhang Zhimin Extrusion of sector shell of magnesium alloy
229 Leśniak Dariusz, Rękas Artur, Libura Wojciech, Zasadziński Józef Extrusion welding of tubes from 2024 alloy
230 Lin Chih-Chia, Yan Jhen-Jie, Hung Chinghua, Hung Jung-Chung Fabricating high-aspect ratio microchannels on metallic sheets using hydroforming
231 Hsu Quang-Cherng, Hsu Hsi-Cheng, Kuo Kun-Hung Fatigue analysis on chamfer forming of carbon steel
232 Di Franco Giuseppe, Fratini Livan, Pasta Antonino Fatigue characterization of hybrid joints cfrp-aluminum obtained by self-pierce riveting (spr)
233 Nguyen Duc-Toan, Kim Young-Suk, Jung Dong-Won Fe study to predict spring-back in roll-bending of pre-coated material and select bending parameters
234 Centeno Gabriel, Doblas F. Javier, Martinez-Donaire Andrés J., Vallellano Carpóforo Fea of the bending effect in the formability of metal sheets via incremental forming
235 Lee Kyung-Hun, Lee Jyung-Min, Ko Dae-Chul, Kim Byung-Min Feasible forming condition to reduce ring spreads in radial-axial ring rolling
236 Lee Y.S., Lee K.S., Kim S.W. Fem analysis to analyze the deformation of interlayer boundary on deep drawing and bending of multilayered sheet
237 Yan Yu, Jia Fanghui, Zhang Le, Zhang Zhen Fem modeling and parameter analysis for the roll forming of ultra-high-strength steel
238 Bey Mohamed, Bendifallah Hassene, Dermache Maria, Abdelhamid Nassima Finishing of sculptured surfaces by combining different forms of tools and machining strategies
239 Thipprakmas Sutasn, Phanitwong Wiriyakorn Finite element analysis of bending mechanism and spring-back/spring-go feature in various u-bending processes
240 Chung Wanjin, Ko Kuanghi, Hyun Choongmin Finite element analysis of ship hull plate forming with heating and rapid cooling
241 Naceur Selmi, Hédi Belhadjsalah Finite element analysis of the multi-point flexible hydoforming
242 Kim Mincheol, Shim Gyuha, Eom Jaegun, Lim Seongjoo, Choi Hojoon, Joun Mansoo Finite element analysis of tube swaging and radial forging processes
243 Chen Xia, Zhang Yunxiang, Chang Qingming Finite element analysis on temperature and microstructure during hot continuous rolling of csp process
244 Basti Ali, Ghaffari Saeed Finite element model for improving the tube bending process based on the defects analysis criterion
245 Bohdal Lukasz Finite element simulation of 3d sheet metal guillotining using elastic/visco-plastic damage model
246 Yoon Jonghoon, Yoo Joontae, Lee Hosung Finite element simulation of blow forming using conical 4 sheets
247 Xie Haibo, Jiang Zhengyi, Yuen W.Y.D Finite element-based model for crack propagation in thin strip during cold rolling
248 Shahriari D., Zolfaghari A., Jahazi M., Kim K.T. Flaw detection and characterization in welded components using an ultrasonic base expert system algorithm
249 Mauk Paul Josef, Overhagen Christian Flexible groove sequences for hot rolling of wire rod and bars for different materials
250 Sedlmaier Albert Flexible roll forming of 3d-profiles with discontinuous cross sections
251 Kwon Yong-Nam, Kim S. W., Kim B. J. Flow forming process design for hollow shape part
252 Hwang Yeong-Maw, Wang Kuo-Hsing, Chen Shi-Rong, Lin Hsuan-Kai, Huang Ju-Wei Flow stress determination of aluminum alloy aa5182 by compression tests
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254 Bednarek Sylwia, Krawczyk Janusz, Bała Piotr, Łukaszek-Sołek Aneta Forging of 300m steel collar
255 Ruan Liqun, Hokamoto Kazuyuki, Yahiro Ititoku, Marumo Yasuo, Zhang Qidi Forging of magnesium alloy by impulsive energy at room temperature
256 Vaziri Sereshk Mohammad Reza, Shafiekhani Ali Forging-sequence design to improve service life and manufacturing expenses of products
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259 Song Yanli, Hua Lin Formability evaluation of steel and aluminium alloy sheets with different plane stress yield criteria
260 Kwon Yong-Nam Formability of az31 sheet during gas blow forming
261 Song Yanli, Hua Lin Formability of tailor welded blanks based on the improved rule of mixture considering the welding residual strain and stress
262 Bagheriasl Reza, Kurukuri Srihari, Ghavam Kamyar, Worswick Michael Forming limit diagram for aa3003 aluminum alloy sheet at elevated temperatures and different strain rates
263 Lee Ho Yong, Hwang Beong Bok, Lee Su Hyen Forming load and deformation energy in combined radial backward extrusion process
264 Shou Ihou, Ona Hiroshi Forming of non-linear channel section by a flexible cold roll forming machine
265 Bartnicki Jarosław Forming of stepped shafts with head toothing by means of rolling extrusion method
266 Furushima Tsuyoshi, Tsunezaki Hitomi, Manabe Ken-Ichi Fracture prediction in micro sheet forming using ductile fracture criterion
267 Brüggemann T., Mohles V., Gottstein G., Karhausen K.-F. Framework for through-process simulation of aluminum sheet rolling
268 Otsu Masaaki, Arai Hiroto, Matsuda Mitsuhiro, Takashima Kazuki Friction stir incremental forming of titanium sheets
269 Habibnia Mostafa, Shakeri Mohsen, Nourouzi Salman, Karimi Namdar Friction stir welding of 5050 aluminum alloy to 304 stainless steel
270 Montazerolghaem Hamid, Fadaei Tehrani Alireza, Badrossamay Mohsen Friction stir welding of dissimilar ultra thin materials
271 Hung Jung-Chung Frictional effect on ultrasonic-vibration forming of aluminum alloy
272 Vaz Jr. M., Cardoso E.L., Munoz-Rojas P.A. Further studies on the application of genetic algorithms to identification of inelastic parameters
273 Maeno Tomoyoshi, Mori Ken-Ichiro, Hirayama Katsuya, Hashimoto Yusuke Gear extrusion for improving tooth filling using counter pressure control by shrinkage of die land
274 Ajiboye Joseph, Bukas Okey-Amechi Grain refinement and mechanical properties of al 6063 alloy after accumulative back extrusion (abe) process
275 Wlodarczyk Renata Graphite sinters for interconnectors in fuel cells
276 Ameyama Kei, Sekiguchi Tatsuya, Zhang Zhe, Fujiwara Hiroshi Harmonic structure design by severe plastic deformation powder metallurgy process and their outstanding mechanical properties
277 Kang Seong-Hoon, Kim Hyun-Soo, Lee Young-Seon Heat treatment analysis on crack generation during cooling process of large-sized forged product
278 Rogal Łukasz Heat treatment of thixo-cast made of x210crw12 steel
279 Pater Zbigniew, Kazanecki Jan, Tomczak Janusz Helical - wedge rolling of balls
280 Wang Zhigang, Yoshikawa Yasuharu Hollow boss forming technology by sheet metal forging
281 Maeno Tomoyoshi, Mori Ken-Ichiro, Hamedon Zamzuri Hot bending of titanium alloy sheets using resistance heating
282 Lee Jungmin, Son Youngki, Lee Inkyu, Lee Chanjoo, Kim Byungmin Hot curvature-forming process of large al plate using grid-typed upper and lower dies for production of lng tank
283 Kouroshfar Mohammad Kazem, Mirahmadi Khaki Daavood Hot ductility of x210cr12 tool steel
284 Lee Jongsup, Kim Yong-Bae, Lee Sangmok, Lee Geun-An Hot forgeability of semi-continously cast zk60 mg alloy for compressor scroll
285 Soleimani E.‎, Hosseinipour S.J., Baseri H., Shamsi-Sarband A., Reza-Mohammadlou H.‎ Hot forming limit diagram of al 5083 alloy by gas blow forming ‎process‎
286 Yongchao Xu, Cong Han, Shijian Yuan, Shengjing Liu Hydro-mechanical deep drawing of conical cup with different angle
287 Meng Bao, Wan Min, Wu Xiangdong, Yuan Sheng, Xu Xudong, Liu Jie, Huang Zhenbiao Hydrodynamic deep drawing of aluminium alloy rectangular box with wide flange
288 Zhu Yu, Wan Min, Zhou Yingke Hydroforming with axial feeding of the thin-walled w-shaped superalloy rings
289 Dziubińska Anna, Gontarz Andrzej Identification of important parameters of forming process of flat forgings with one rib from az31 alloy
290 Heppner Stephan, Bambach Markus, Hirt Gerhard Identification of parameters in physically based material models
291 Hetmaniok Edyta, Słota Damian, Zielonka Adam Identification of the heat transfer coefficient by using the modified harmony search algorithm
292 Kong Xiangji, Ou Huibin, Barriere Thierrey, Gelin Jean-Claude Identification, modeling and simulation of the sintering stage for microparts by pim process
293 Muraoka Akira, Utsunomiya Hiroshi, Matsumoto Ryo, Sakai Tetsuo Improvement in formability of fe-x%al (x=26-30) by high-speed rolling
294 Dashti M., Hosseinipour S.J., Nourouzi S., Gorji A.H. Improvement microstructure and hardness of commercial aluminum alloy 5083 by repetitive corrugation and straightening
295 Kitamura Kazuhiko, Terano Motoki, Asai Kazuhito, Ishibashi Itaru, Sekizawa Masahiro Improvement of bonding performance between workpiece and solid lubricant for cold forging
296 Behrens Bernd-Arno, Bouguecha Anas, Homann Barbara Improvement of the friction modeling regarding the surface topography evolution during deep drawing
297 Anderson Melissa, Bocher Philippe, Gholipour Javad, Jahazi Mohammad, Bridier Florent, Savoie Jean, Wanjara Priti Increasing the formability of stainless steel 321 by multistep forming process
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300 Murata Makoto, Kuboki Takashi, Kobayashi Masashi, Yamazaki Hiroyuki Influence of billet material of circular tube extrusion with spiral projections on inside wal
301 Maki Seijiro, Kusunoki Yoshihiro, Nakanishi Eitoku Influence of completion timing of press quenching upon forming performance in practical hot stamping steel sheet
302 Haase Matthias, Ben Khalifa Nooman, Jäger Andreas, Tekkaya A. Erman Influence of extrusion ratio on en aw-6060 aluminum alloy chips solid state recycled by integrated extrusion and equal channel angular pressing
303 Berski Szymon, Dyja Henryk, Sechman Katarzyna Influence of friction conditions and shape of deformation zone on bimetal flow during ecae process
304 Oya Tetsuo, Jeong Chanseo, Yanagimoto Jun, Koseki Toshihiko Influence of geometrical and material parameters on the forming limit of multilayer metallic steel sheets
305 Ito Tsuyoshi, Utsunomiya Hiroshi, Matsumoto Ryo Influence of lubrication on surface quality of cold-rolled ofhc copper sheet
306 Mendiguren Joseba, Galdos Lander, Sáenz De Argandona Eneko, Silvestre Elena Influence of material’s yield strength on the kinematik hardening of steels
307 Rasooli Mohamad Ali, Taherizadeh Aboozar, Farzin Mahmood, Fadaii Alireza, Abdullah Amir Influence of process and tool parameters on deformation mode, defects development and forming forces in flow forming of an aluminum-alloy
308 Morales Domingo, Vallellano Carpóforo, Martínez-Donaire Andrés J., Centeno Gabriel Influence of punch radius on the formability of aa7075-o sheets
309 Lan Jian, Qiu Yulong, Li Chengding, Hua Lin Influence of radial & axial feeding on rolling process of large ring
310 Hara Kenichiro, Doi Sachiko, Utsunomiya Hiroshi, Matsumoto Ryo Influence of scale on hot rolling characteristics of stainless steel sheets
311 Noda Masafumi, Mori Hisashi, Funami Kunio Influence of stress strain state on elevated temperature deformation of az31 magnesium alloy
312 Rancel Lucía, Gómez Manuel, Cabrera José M., Medina Sebastián F. Influence of the chemical composition and tempering treatment on the toughness of bainitic 38mnv7 steel
313 Galdos Lander, Saenz De Argandona Eneko, García Carlos Influence of the lubricant viscosity in tube hydroforming processes. determination of contact pressure dependant friction coefficients and modelling of the process.
314 Śleboda Tomasz, Pietrzyk Maciej, Paćko Marek Influence of thermomechanical parameters on forging of feal alloy
315 Kuboki Takashi, Kominami Atsushi Influence of thickness on formability in rotary nosing with relieved die
316 Neh Kristina, Kawalla Rudolf Influence of ultrasonic treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of az31 mg-alloy
317 Song Yanli, Hua Lin Influences of weld location on the formability of tailor welded blanks
318 Song Yanli, Hua Lin Inhomogeneous constructive modeling of a laser-welded bead based on the nano-indentation test
319 Kim Sung-Min, Lee Sang-Kon, Lee Chan-Joo, Kim Byung-Min, Lee Seon-Bong Innovative process design of multistage shape drawing for precision guide rail
320 Marinho Erick, Sakata Alberto, Prados Erika, Batalha Gilmar Instrumentation and control of a bulge test on a superplastic pb-sn alloy
321 Jäger Andreas, Ben Khalifa Nooman, Tekkaya A. Erman Integrated electromagnetic compression of aluminum profiles subsequent to hot extrusion
322 Flitta Isaac, Hatzenbichler Thomas, Wallner Stefan, Buchmayr Bruno Investigation and comparison of heat transfers analysis used in commercial fem for metal forming.
323 Abbasi Mahmoud, Ketabchi Mostafa, Abbasi Mohammad, Shafaat Mohammad Amin Investigation into tearing of tailor welded blanks
324 Ashworth Rachel, Long Hui, Augarde Charles Investigation into the influence of cone angle on springback in the conventional metal spinning process
325 Anjami Nassir Investigation of deformation mechanics in radial-axial ring rolling process by coupled thermo-mechanical 3d-fe simulation
326 Lazarescu Lucian Investigation of dome radius deviation and its effect on the flow stress in the hydraulic bulge test
327 Politis Denis J., Lin Jianguo, Dean Trevor A., Balint Daniel S. Investigation of material flow in forging bi-metal components
328 Elyasi Majid, Daeizadeh Vahid Investigation of the effect of v-ring position on cutting edge surface in fine blanking process
329 Pouzesh Abozar, Foroghy Abasey Mohammad Investigation of wrinkling in hydroforming process of x-branch annealed copper tube
330 Basti Ali, Yaseri Saman Investigation on deformation mechanics and failure in formed parts by the paddle forming process
331 Kim Sang-Woo, Kim Daeyong, Kang Beom-Soo Investigation on failure limit of the perforated sheet for truss pcms in multiple pin stretch forming
332 Choi Jongwon, Lee Myounggyu, Barlat Frederic, Son Hyunsung, Kim Dongjin Investigation on formability and strength differential in hot press forming of tailor welded blank
333 Ming Cheng, Shi-Hong Zhang, Bo Fang Investigation on formability of titanium alloy sheet at room and elevated temperature
334 Cheng Xiuquan, Lai Zhouyi, Xia Qinxiang Investigation on stress and strain distributions of hollow-part with triangular cross-section by spinning
335 Pan Lei, Lianfa Yang Investigation on the critical pressure in tube hydroforming with radial crushing
336 Li Nan, Lin Jianguo, Cai Jingqi, Li Xuetao, Balint Daniel Investigation on the mechanical properties of quenched boron steels for optimizing process strategies in hot stamping
337 Merklein Marion, Engel Ulf, Reiss Andrea Investigation on the resultant effective strain distribution as function of tool geometry in full forward extrusion
338 Kang Seong-Hoon, Lee Young-Seon, Kim Chang-Ho Investigation on void closure of 1.5 % c high carbon steel in upsetting and cogging processes
339 Elyasi Majid, Hoseinzadeh Morteza Investigation the effect of temperature on hot forged workpiece shape
340 Engel Bernd, Mathes Christian Investigation the geometry and positioning of wiper die in the rotary draw bending process
341 Żaba Krzysztof, Hyrcza-Michalska Monika Investigations of the technological plasticity of strips and tubes produced from low-carbon steel with al-si coatings
342 Cho Woo Hyun, Choi Ji-Wong, Lee Ho-Sung Isothermal oxidation study of steels for superplastic forming die
343 Abe Yohei, Kato Toru, Mori Ken-Ichiro Joining of ultra high strength steel sheets by mechanical clinching
344 Hou Yanhui, Li Guangqiang, Moelans Nele Kinetic model of multi-component non-metallic inclusions’ precipitation and growth during steel solidification
345 Ohashi Takahiro, Miyajima Ryosuke Lateral extrusion of pipes with a lost core of frozen sodium polyacrylate
346 Neugebauer Reimund, Bergmann Markus Local severe plastic deformation by modified impact extrusion process
347 Golański Grzegorz Low cycle fatigue behaviuor and microstructure evolution of gx12crmovnbn9-1 cast steel
348 Saito Hiroshi, Tanaka Yuta, Murata Makoto, Kuboki Takashi, Matsui Kazumi, Tsubokura Makoto Lubrication characteristics of deep drawing with high water-pressure
349 Kleifges Hartmut Magnesium vs. plastics
350 Ben Khalifa Nooman, Selvaggio Alessandro, Chatti Sami, Tekkaya Erman Manufacture of profiles with variable shapes, curvatures and twistings by influencing the material flow in hot extrusion
351 Centeno Gabriel, Silva M. Beatriz, Vallellano Carpóforo, Martins Paulo. A. F, Manufacturing of sheet metal flanged parts using multi-stage spif
352 Yeom Jong-Taek, Kim Jee Hoon, Kim Jeoung Han, Hong Jae Keun Manufacturing technology of ti-6al-4v bolt using warm forging process
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355 Bagheri Saeed, Tahmasebi Mohammad Hossein, Qods Fathollah, Kermanpur Ahmad Mechanical behavior of niti/al smart composite fabricated by hot press
356 Rumiński Maciej, Łuksza Janusz Mechanical and structural behaviour of austenitic steels under heavy plastic deformation
357 Shen Yongfeng, Xue Wenying, Ma Tianbiao Mechanical behavior of a fe-20mn-3si-3al steel at different strain rates and temperatures
358 Tahmasebi Mohammad Hossein, Meratian Mahmood, Toroghinejad Mohammad Reza, Shayan Mehrdad Mechanical properties investigation of 8090 al-li alloy produced by ecap process and precipitate hardening
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361 Wang Baoyu, Yu Jie, Hu Zhenghuan, Lin Jianguo Methodology on precision cross wedge rolling of gear teeth
362 Aizawa Tatsuhiko, Fukuda Tatsuya Micro-pattern imprinting onto aluminum thin sheet by cnc-controlled stamping
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364 Wang Baoyu, Zhang Ning, Lin Jianguo, Hu Zhenghuan Microstructural simulation of gh4169 in cross wedge rolling with dislocation-based unified material model
365 Akbaripanah Farshad, Fereshteh-Saniee Faramarz, Mahmudi Reza Microstructure and mechanical properties of the ultrafine grained am60 magnesium alloy after extrusion and equal channel angular pressing (ecap)
366 Rozmus-Górnikowska Magdalena, Blicharski Marek, Kusiński Jan, Kusiński Ludwik Microstructure and properties of inconel 625 welds on the boiler tubes by cold metal transfer
367 Taschauer Michael, Wieser Volker, Schramhauser Sebastian, Hatzenbichler Thomas, Buchmayr Bruno Microstructure and residual stress evolution during the heat treatment of large forgings
368 Gao Pengfei, Yang He, Fan Xiaoguang Microstructure evolution during isothermal local loading forming of ta15 titanium alloy with different initial microstructure
369 Grätz Kathrin, Gottstein Günter, Microstructure evolution during steady-state dynamic recrystallization in copper
370 Liu Bai, Liu Xiujuan, Liu Mingjun Microstructure of sicp / aluminum-matrix composite prepared by pressureless infiltration and 2d discrete element simulation for its micro-properties
371 Shams Alireza Modeling and simulation of the whole furnace of the midrex process
372 Bong Hyuk Jong, Barlat Frédéric, Lee Myoung-Gyu, Ahn Deok Chan Modeling forming limit diagram for ferritic stainless steel sheets incorporating surface roughness development effect
373 Sheikhalishahi Hamed, Rasouli Ali Mohammad Modeling of constitutive equation of ti-6al-4v using fem
374 Bok Hyunho, Choi Jong Won, Lee Myoung-Gyu, Pavlina Eric J., Barlat Frederic Modeling of microstructure evolution considering deformation effect of austenite during hot-press forming
375 Sieradzki Lukasz, Madej Lukasz, Paul Henryk Modeling of the static recrystallization at the triple point junction with cellular automata method and digital material representation approach
376 Polak Sławomir, Gronostajski Zbigniew, Niechajowicz Adam Modeling the abrasive wear of tools in hot forging process
377 Benbettaieb Amine, Tuninetti Victor, Duchene Laurent Modeling the behavior of multilayer coated metal sheets, using solid shell elements
378 Kukielka Leon, Geleta Katarzyna Modelling and analysis of nonlinear physical phenomena in the burnishing rolling operation with electrical current
379 Lanzagorta José Luis, Jorge-Badiola Denis, Gutiérrez Isabel Modelling mechanical behaviour in multi-stage strain reversal
380 Geleta Katarzyna, Kukiełka Leon Modelling of initial and boundary problems with geometrical andphysical nonlinearity and its application in burnishing processes
381 Kuc Dariusz, Gawąd Jerzy, Pietrzyk Maciej Modelling of microstructure changes in hot deformed materials using cellular automata
382 Hadasik Eugeniusz, Kuc Dariusz, Kuziak Roman Modelling of structure changes in hot deformed magnesium mg-al-zn alloy
383 Wang Zhigang, Yoshikawa Yasuharu Multi-bosses forming technique for deep-drawn product
384 Chamekh Abdessalem, Mezlini S., Belhadjsalah Hedi, Hambli R, Multi-level inverse neural netwok approach for multi-objectives optimization of a multi-stage deep drawing process.
385 Anjami Nassir Multi-objective optimization of bulging tube hydroforming process
386 Ambrozinski Mateusz, Niechajowicz Adam, Gronostajski Zbigniew, Kuziak Roman, Pietrzyk Maciej Multiscale simulation of manufacturing of the crash box accounting for the microstructure of dp steels
387 Morita Hiroshi, Aizawa Tatsuhiko Nano-laminated diamond-like carbon coating to control hydrogen gas penetration into metals/polymers
388 Cyganek Zdzislaw, Pawlicki Jacek, Stróż Danuta New cold metal forming methods of shape memory alloys
389 Homberg Werner, Hornjak Daniel, Lossen Benjamin New innovative tool systems for the production of workpieces with tailored made properties by friction spinning
390 Zybill Christian, Goryany Vyacheslav, Myronova Olga, Schubrikoff Erich, Buch Johannes New materials for composite rolls for hot and cold rolling mills
391 Patyk Radoslaw New method of technological surface layer shaping of machine parts during duplex burnishing rolling process
392 Jin Chul-Gyu, Jang Chang-Hyun, Kang Chung-Gil New semi-solid forging process for fabrication aluminum thin plates and bipolar plates for fuel cell
393 Kubota Yoshihiro, Nakamura Tamotsu, Hayakawa Kunio, Tanaka Shigekazu Non-steady electro-thermo-mechanical coupled analysis of complex shaped part of porous material by sps process
394 Radziszewska Agnieszka Nonstructural multilayers deposited using pulsed laser deposition technique
395 Kułakowska Agnieszka Numerical analysis of burnishing rolling process with taking into account the state of the surface after previous treatment
396 Basti Ali, Zaeimi Mohammad Numerical analysis of generalized forming limit diagram in incremental sheet metal forming process
397 Abolghasemian S. Ali, Loh-Mousavi Mohsen, Farzin Mahmoud Numerical and experimental analysis of cold ironing process of steel cylinder
398 Lu B., Cui Z.S., Zhang L., Xu Z.Z. Numerical and experimental analysis of the rail wheel rolling process
399 Zamani Ali, Ghaei Abbas, Hosseinzadeh Morteza Numerical and experimental investigation of the tube drawing of the square tubular section from round tube
400 Patyk Radoslaw Numerical and experimental researches of multiple burnishing duplex type
401 Djoudi Hamza, Gelin Jean-Claude, Barriere Thierry Numerical and experimental results of the mixing process for polymers and loaded polymers with micro particles
402 Hsu Quang-Cherng, Nguyen Thanh-Phuc, Sheng Bo-Feng, Liu Bao-Hsing Numerical and experimental studies on cold roll forming process by considering the effects of material and roll station distance
403 Trzepieciński Tomasz, Kowalik Marek Numerical and experimental study of frictional behaviour in sheet metal forming
404 Chung Wanjin, Kim Woosung, Jung Taechul Numerical and experimental study on surface deflection
405 Mis Michal, Hall Richard, Spence Julian, Emekwuru Nwabueze Numerical and physical modelling of plastic deformation and heat phenomenain superplastic forming tools for improvement
406 Bagudanch Isabel, Garcia-Romeu M.Luisa, Perez Santiago Rogelio, Masque Simó, Ardanut Javier, Guillaumet Jordi, Poch Ricard, Soria Monica Numerical approach of robostamp: a new metal forming technology based on the use of industrial robots
407 Song Woojin, Ku Taewan, Heo Seongchan, Choi Hanho, Kang Beomsoo, Kim Jeong Numerical evaluation of formability improvement on multi-stage stamping processes using ultra advanced high strength steel (uahss) sheet materials
408 Malekipour Gharbi Mohammad, Becker Christoph, Hermes Matthias, Tekkaya A. Erman Numerical investigation of a testing setup to analyse the incremental tube forming process
409 Milenin A, Petrov P, Petrov M, Krutina E Numerical model of fracture in magnesium alloys during forming processes
410 Milenin A., Rec T. Numerical model of the continuous casting of mgca0.8 alloy for production of medical implants
411 Perzyński Konrad, Madej Łukasz Numerical model of the crack behavior in the multilayer tin/ti coatings during complex deformation
412 Yong Xue, Lihui Lang, Guoliang Bu Numerical modeling of titanium alloy powder during hot isostatic pressing
413 Lee Myeong Han, Shin Young-Chul, Yoon Duk-Jae Numerical modeling of tube hydroforming for a bicycle frame by inverse approach
414 Buffa Gianluca, Fratini Livan, Ducato Antonino Numerical prediction of biphasic titanium alloys microstructure in hot forging operations
415 Hosseini M.E., Hosseinipour S.J. Numerical simulation of cavity damage and failure during superplastic deformation using finite element method
416 Nowak Jarosław, Svyetlichnyy Dmytro, Łach Łukasz, Pidvysotskyy Valeriy Numerical simulation of flow stress by internal variables model
417 Groenenboom Paul, Choi Kwangyong, Lee I.H., Choi S.C., Hong S.M. Numerical simulation of powder metal forming process using the sph method
418 Noh Hak-Gon, Ku Tae-Wan, Song Woo-Jin, Kang Beom-Soo, Kim Jeong Numerical study on application of electromagnetic forming for pipe components of nuclear power plant
419 Aso Hayato, Ona Hiroshi On the characteristics of the products formed by vibration cold roll forming machine
420 Arnold Daniel, Silani Mohammad, Talebi Hossein, Rabczuk Timon On the coupling of a commercial finite element package with lammps for multiscale modeling of steel
421 Schmitt Wolfram, Groche Peter On the development of flexible flow splitting
422 Buffa Gianluca, Fratini Livan, Gnibl Tobias, Wieland Michael, Merklein Marion On the friction stir welding of titanium alloys: experimantal measurements and fem model fine tuning
423 Xin Lijiu, Min Junying, Lin Jianping On the springback of hot stamped components of boron steel 22mnb5
424 Alaei Hosein, Salimi Mahmoud, Esfahanian Mohsen On-line prediction of thermal expansion of work rolls in hot rolling by neural network
425 Park Keun, Min Byoung-Wook, Kim Jong-Bong, Lee Hye-Jin Optimal design of the roll shape for the roll-to-roll forming process of metal micro-pattern
426 Bahloul Riadh, Arfa Henia, Belhadjsalah Hedi Optimisation of process parameters in single point incremental forming of sheet metal by using box-behnken design of experiment and response surface methodology
427 Amiri Rad Ahmad, Forouzan Mohammad Reza, Sadeghi Dolatabadi Abdolrahim Optimization forming program in strip leveler machine in order to increasing machine lifetime
428 Packo Marek, Sleboda Tomasz, Packo Pawel, Maciol Seweryn Optimization of a bolt forming process by means of numerical simulation
429 Wang Jang-Ping, Huang Guo-Ming, Lee Hsien-Der, Chen Chih-Chun, Lin Po-Tsun Optimization of fine hydro-blanking
430 Yoshida Yoshinori, Yasui Keisuke, Otsuka Yoshihiro, Ishikawa Takashi, Suganuma Tomoaki Optimization of metallic materials combination in backward extrusion forged bonding
431 Choi H.J., Kim D.W., Shin Y.C., Lim S.J. Optimization of preform shape in impression-die forging with counterlock
432 Datta Asish, Mandal Durbadal, Sahoo Kanailal Optimization of process parameters by reliability-based uncertainty modeling of cold rolling process
433 Otegi Nagore, Galdos Lander, Hurtado Inaki Optimization of superplastic forming of aluminium al-5083 alloy based on a mechanism –based hyperbolic equation
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435 Silani Mohammad, Ziaei-Rad Saeed Optimum perform design in close die hot forging
436 Samołyk Grzegorz Orbital forging of a sleeve-type part with a simultaneous flanging
437 Głowacki Mirosław, Dębiński Tomasz, Hojny Marcin Parallel computation model of semi-solid steel deformation process.
438 Bey Mohamed, Tchantchane Zahida Parallel contours sweeping mode for roughing sculptured surfaces using plunge milling machining strategy
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440 Hyrcza-Michalska Monika Physical and numerical research on drawability of nickel superalloys
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443 Han Xinghui Plastic deformation behaviors of a ring workpiece in cold rotary forging using fe methods
444 Hirota Kenji, Kitamura Kazuhiko, Ukai Yoshihiko, Matsunaga Keiichi Plastic-flow joining of shaft and disk for providing high torsional strength
445 Bidulská Jana, Bidulský Róbert, Kvačkaj Tibor, Actis Grande Marco Porosity evolution in relation to microstructure/fracture of ecaped pm al-mg-si-cu-fe alloy
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447 Chung Wanjin, Kim Mincheol, Kim Bongsu, Joun Mansoo Precision simulation of open extrusion or drawing using an elastoplastic finite element method
448 Pouzesh Abouzar, Foroughy Abasi Mohamad Predict the effect of sheet thickness on the limit drawing ratio in hydroforming deep drawing by using artificial neural network
449 Kocar Oguz, Ozkan Sinan, Karayel Durmus Prediction and control of product quality in deep drawing process : design and implementation of an intelligent system using knowledge technologies
450 Kim Mincheol, Lee Seongwon, Eom Jaegun, Joun Mansoo Prediction of central bursting defect in wiredrawing
451 H. Samareh Salavati Pour, H. Khademhosseini Beheshti, Y. Alizadeh Prediction of effective parameters on the roll crown based on the experimental data in hot rolling
452 Jayasekara Vishara, Jeong Hoon, Jang Min Seo Prediction of lubrication film thicknesses in cold forming process
453 Mohammadi Yousef, Arezu Behruz Prediction of milling surface error by means of flat end and ball end mill
454 Kim Jong-Bong, Yoon Jeong Whan Prediction of necking and fracture based on the crystal plasticity
455 Samareh Salavati Pour Hadi, Kami Abdolvahed, Alizadeh-Vaghasloo Yoness, Mollaei-Dariani Bijan Prediction of rolling force in hot rolling process by using artificial neural networks
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457 Ko Dae-Cheol, Choi Hong-Seok, Lee Ji-Wook, Kim Bong-Hwan, Choi Hee-Kwan, Kang Chul-Ho, Kim Byung-Min Prediction of the scratch-related tool life in stamping of ultra high strength steel sheet
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459 Trujillo Carl, Escobedo Juan, Gray George, Cerreta Ellen, Martinez Daniel Probing the role of texture in zirconium using dynamic-tensile-extrusion
460 Kulakowska Agnieszka Problems of rebounding phenomena during burnishing rolling process
461 Sripraserd Jiraporn, Premanond Varunee Process analysis on rivet forming of food can lid
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463 Phanitwong Wiriyakorn, Thipprakmas Sutasn Process parameter design of draw-bead geometry in rectangular deep-drawing process using taguchi technique
464 Ku Tae-Wan, Kang Beom-Soo Process simplification and modification on multi-stage forging process for outer race of cv joint
465 Milenin Andrzej, Kustra Piotr, Production of thin wires of special magnesium alloys for surgical applications using numerical optimization
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468 Kim Se-Ho Quantitative effects of tensile strength of the steel sheet on the springback characteristics of automotive members
469 Rauch Łukasz, Madej Łukasz Reconstruction of 3d microstructure from a sequence of 2d images on the basis of shape coefficients
470 Asakura Masayuki, Takamura Masato, Fukui Ayako, Yano Hiroshi, Hama Takayuki, Sunaga Hideyuki, Makinouchi Akitake, Asakawa Motoo Reduction of twist occurring in curved hat channel products made of high strength steel sheets with stepped shape on side wall
471 Ben Ammar Yamen, Darrieulat Michel Refinement of the microstructure of ß-treated zircaloy-4 by warm multiaxial compression
472 Ngamkham Komsan, Klubvihok Nattapol, Tungtrongpairoj Jennarong, Chandra-Ambhorn Somrerk Relationship between entry temperature in a hot-rolling line and properties of thermal oxide scales on low carbon steel strips
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476 Yu Haiping, Jiang Hongwei, Li Chunfeng, Liu Hu Research on flanging of aluminum alloy tube under pulsed magnetic force
477 Gontarz Andrzej Research on forming process of hollowed shafts from aluminum alloy 2618 in three-slide forging press
478 Shiyan Zhao, Miao Jin, Bing Wang, Baofeng Guo Research on influence of forming quality in upsetting forging process of marine continuous fiber crankshaft
479 Yang Baojian, Xia Qinxiang, Cheng Xiuquan Research on key technologies of mesoscopic fea model for polycrystal metal power spinning
480 Cheng Xiuquan, Huang Zheng, Xia Qinxiang Research on the afterheat utilization heat treatment technology of shaft heavy forging
481 Yong Xu, Ming Cheng, Hongwu Song, Shihong Zhang Research on the axial feed mode of tube hydroforming
482 Xia Qinxiang, Hong Guohua, Li Zhenshi, Ruan Weiping Research on the forecast model of blanking noise based on servo press
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486 Marnette Jascha, Weiss Matthias, Hodgson Peter Roll forming cryo-rolled nano-structured aluminium sheet
487 Silvestre Elena, Mendiguren Joseba, Saenz De Argandona Eneko, Galdos Lander Roll levelling numerical simulation using a nonlinear combined hardening material model.
488 Yoshino Masahiko, Hodota Ryo, Yamanaka Akinori, Kurnia Willy Roller nano-imprinting process for rapid fabrication of functional surfaces
489 Tsuruoka Hiroyuki, Matsumoto Ryo, Utsunomiya Hiroshi Rolling characteristics of porous aluminum
490 Sawicki Sylwester, Mróz Sebastian, Dyja Henryk Rolling process of bimetallic ribbed bars produced from bimetallic charge obtained in the explosive cladding and in the surfacing method tig
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492 Matsumoto Ryo, Osumi Yuta, Utsunomiya Hiroshi Selective die quenching of hot forged steel product using high and low thermal conductivity tools on a servo press
493 He Xiaocong Self-piercing riveting process modeling and structural analysis
494 Garbarz Bogdan, Burian Wojciech, Woźniak Dariusz, Semi-industrial simulation of in-line thermomechanical processing and heat treatment of nano-duplex bainite-austenite steel
495 Yang Xiangjie, Cheng Shangxu, Guo Hongmin Semisolid rheo-rolling of az91d alloy by twin-roll caster
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497 Sun Mingyue, Li Shijian, Li Dianzhong, Sun Lei, Sun Haiyan Simulation and optimization of the large conical shell forging process for steam generator of nuclear power plant
498 Chen Xia, Wang Jiao, Zhang Yunxiang Simulation of shape-metal hot-rolling process with re-meshing technique
499 Yanagida Akira, Hama Takayuki Simulation of texture evolution during ecae using crystal plasticity finite element method with representative element
500 Kaiser Robert, Hatzenbichler Thomas, Buchmayr Bruno, Antretter Thomas Simulation of the roller straightening process with respect to residual stress formation and the curvature trend
501 Wang Xin-Yun, Tang Na, Li Jianjun, Liu Lin Size effect of forming load in backward extrusion of zr-based bulk metallic glasses
502 Zhang Zhiyong, Yang He, Li Heng, Song Feifei Size effect related wall thinning changing of thin-walled cp-ti tubes in rotary draw bending
503 Wang Zhigang, Yoshikawa Yasuharu Solid boss forming technology by bottom compression drawing
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507 Noma Nobuyasu, Kuwabara Toshihiko Specimen geometry optimization for in-plane reverse loading test of sheet metal and experimental validation
508 Uemori Takeshi, Sumikawa Satoshi, Yoshida Fusahito Springback analysis of aluminum alloy sheet metal and its modeling
509 Seo Young-Ho, Kang Beom-Soo, Kim Jeong Springback compensation in two-dimensional flexible forming process using regression and anns models
510 Ozkan Sinan Serdar, Karayel Durmus, Nart Ergun Springback compensation of sheet metals by using multi – point forming technology
511 Ozer Firat, Guler Mehmet Ali Springback compensation of the 7-flange-die design with non-uniform distribution of bhf
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514 Deng Lei, Wang Xinyun, Jin Junsong Stress analysis of extrusion container with rectangular cavity
515 Hasegawa Osamu, Manabe Ken-Ichi Stretch press bending of az31 magnesium alloy extruded square tube
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523 Hwang Yeong-Maw, Kuo Tsung-Yu Study on dieless drawing of stainless steel tubes
524 Xie Haibo, Jiang Zhengyi, Yuen W.Y.D. Study on edge cracking in cold rolled thin strip
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528 Wei Dongbin, Lu Haina, Jiang Zhengyi Study on micro cross wedge rolling
529 Xiaogang Qiu Study on numerical simulation of automobile’s coverage part stamping
530 Shamsi-Sarband A., Hosseinipour S.J., Bakhshi-Jooybari M., Shakeri M., Reza-Mohammadlou H., Soleimani E. Study on the effect of friction coefficient on the optimized preform die shape in the multistage superplastic forming
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532 Park Eun-Soo, Lee Sung-Min, Byeon Won-Yong, Cha Dal-Joon, Kim Bong-Joon Study on the numerical analysis of the cold reduction process for manufacturing the drum clutch
533 Zhang Yucheng, Wei Dongbin, Jiang Zhengyi Study on vertical twin-roll casting of magnesium alloy
534 Rui Zheng, Jianping Lin, Dandan Hua, Qianqian Wu Study performance of adhesively bonding joints based on surface free energy of aluminum alloys
535 Oak Jeong-Jung Surface modified ti base metallic glasses for bioactivation by electrochemical treatment
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537 Radionov Andrey, Radionova Lyudmila Technology production of high - strength wire with high plastic properties
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544 Wiewiórowska Sylwia The analysis of the intensity the change of retained austenite into martnesite for wires made from trip steel after loading by cyclic, variable stress as for sign
545 Ambrogio Giuseppina, Filice Luigino, Gagliardi Francesco The application of a damage model based on the absorbed plastic energy for breaking prediction in incremental forming
546 Jędrusik Stanisław, Macioł Andrzej, Rębiasz Bogdan The application of a hybrid reasoning system in metal forming technology management
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550 Thomas Piotr The computer simulation and the experimental research on the stress forces of the combined extrusion of different sized aluminum stampings
551 Macioł Piotr, Jędrusik Stanisław, Macioł Andrzej The concept of a rule-based expert system application in multiscale modelling
552 Rullmann Felix, Groche Peter The cut-expand method for the fe-simulation of steady-state rolling processes
553 Kang Jae Young, Kim Dong Hwan, Kim Byung Min The design of stiffened punch for sus301e.h. spring lamination in progressive piercing process
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556 Khanlari Hasan, Elyasi Majid, Bakhshi-Jooybari Mohammad The effect of geometric parameters on formability and thickness distribution in tube hydroforming process
557 Kalantari Farid, Abrinia Karen The effect of initial billet diameter on detachable inlet speed using the pattern of material flow in direct extrusion of asymmetrical shapes by applying fem simulation
558 Moon Jung-Hwan, Lee Min-Sik, Kang Chung-Gil The effect of laser ablation variable of al-si coating layer on mechanical caracteristic for hot press forming
559 Elyasi Majid, Yazdanpanah Arian, Daeizadeh Vahid The effect of material properties on fine-blanking process using the finite element simulation
560 Bardelcik Alexander, Worswick Michael The effect of pressure die boost during pre-bending on the subsequent hydroformability of hsla350 tubes – experiments and models
561 Wang Yong, Han Cong, Yuan Shijian The effect of shear deformation on the thickness distribution of 5a02 shear hydro-bending tube
562 Pena Manuel, Domingo Rosario The effect of unchlorinated evanescent lubricant on the drawability of uns s30400 stainless steel
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570 Kruzel Robert, Suliga Maciej The influence of classical and hydrodynamic die rotational speed on drawing process and properties of high carbon steel wires
571 Gebril Mohamed The influence of cold and hot roll drawing on the changes in the main mechanical properties, microstructure and corrosion rate of low carbon steel sheets
572 Suliga Maciej The influence of high drawing speed on process parameters in manufacture of high carbon steel wires
573 Lin Heng-Sheng, Chang Shi-Jie The influence of process parameters on ball spinning for grooved-fin pipes
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576 Muskalski Zbigniew The influence of „reduced” redundant strain on drawn wires properties
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578 Biba Nikolay, Maximov Alexander, Stebunov Sergei, Vlasov Alexey The model for simulation of thermally, mechanically and physically coupled problems of metal forming
579 Hojny Marcin, Głowacki Mirosław The modified methodology of strain - stress curves investigation for steel deformed at extra-high temperatures
580 Jui-Chang Lin, King-Sun Lee The optimal parameters design of continuous drawing for the y-type teeth
581 Milenin A., Byrska D., Grydin O., Scaper M. The physical and numerical modeling of intergranular fracture in the mg-ca alloys during cold plastic deformation
582 Xiaofeng Liu, Lianfa Yang The prediction of initial yield load of a tube in hydroforming with radial crushing
583 Reichelt Stephan, Schmidtchen Matthias, Kawalla Rudolf The problem of proper surface preparation and various influences on resulting bonding strength for the accumulative roll-bonding of twin roll cast az31 mg-sheet
584 Kukielka Leon, Maląg Leszek The sensitivity analysis in aspect of influence of choose parameters material on the states of stress and strain in the surface layer product after burnishing rolling operation
585 Gorjivaloukala Abdolhamid, Bakhshi-Jooybari Mohammad, Nourouzi Salman, Hosseinipour Seyed Jamal, Alinejhad Gorban The study of forming conical parts with sharp tip in multistage hydroforming die
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588 Xu Bin, Sun Mingyue, Li Dianzhong The void closing behavior in large ingots during hot forging
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591 Kowalik Marek Theoretical analysis and numerical modeling of the process of longitudinal rolling of stepped shafts
592 Zhang Jie, Sahli Mohamed, Gelin Jean-Claude Theoretical and experimental analyses of the rheological properties of metallic powders feedstock used in micro-injection moulding
593 Tofil Arkadiusz Theoretical and experimental analysis of splitting process without waste of billets from alloy ti6al4v
594 Oleksik Valentin, Pascu Adrian, Bondrea Ioan Theoretical and experimental research on the influence of vertical step and punch diameter on strains and forces of single point incremental forming
595 Rezaii Abbas, Daneshmanesh Habib Theoretical investigation of roll bonding process of multilayer strips by finite element method
596 Tomczak Janusz Theoretical-experimental analysis of forging of conical toothed wheels on a crank forging press
597 Zarepoor Majid, Parvizi Ali, Shariatpanahi Masood Theoritical stress analyses and fem simulation of locomotive buffer
598 Oak Jeong-Jung Thermal behavior and plastic deformation in ti base bulk metallic glasses
599 Zhang Qi, Gao Qiang, Zhao Sheng-Dun Thermal bending experimental study on carbon fiber composite sheet
600 Yoon Jonghun, Lee Jungwhan, Lee Sangik Thermomechanical properties and microstructural behavior of magnesium alloys
601 Grajcar Adam, Kuziak Roman Thermomechanically processed trip steels with increased mn content
602 Tsunekawa Yoshiki, Okumiya Masahiro, Motomura Takahiro Thixoforming with hypoeutectic al-7wt%si alloy billets containing different amounts of impurity iron
603 Kim Se-Ho Tool design of a center pillar member with the information of shape accuracy according to the tool compensation
604 Skubisz Piotr, Krawczyk Janusz, Sińczak Jan Tool life enhancement in warm forging of cv joint with utilization of the divided flow method
605 Ruchiranga Vishara, Noh Jeong Hoon, Hwang Beong Bok Tool wear in forward rod and backward tube forming processes
606 Kim Kee Poong Tools development and process design for warm deep drawing of an automotive airbag housing with the magnesium alloy sheet
607 Yu Hailiang, Lu Cheng, Tieu Kiet Tracing of macrosegregation rings in slab during bar rough rolling using fem
608 Sato Takatoshi, Utsunomiya Hiroshi, Matsumoto Ryo Transient phenomenon by friction change in flat rolling
609 Senuma Takehide, Hidaka Kenta, Takemoto Yoshito Ultrafine grained martensitic microstructure of high strength hot stamped components
610 Karimi Namdar, Nourouzi Salman, Shakeri Mohsen, Habibnia Mostafa, Dehghani Amir Underwater fsw process on the joining of 5050 aluminum alloy
611 Prommul Kusol, Premanond Varunee, Sripraserd Jiraporn Using artificial neural network for predicting optimal blank size and shape in stretch flange
612 Elyasi Majid, Ebrahimi Alavikolai Mehdi, Enderami Moein, Daeizadeh Vahod V-ring shape effect on cutting edge surface in fine-blanking process
613 Wajda Wojciech, Madej Łukasz, Gołąb Rafał, Paul Henryk Validation of texture evolution model for polycrystalline aluminum on the basis of 3d digital microstructures
614 Vaziri Sereshk Mohammad Reza, Abbaszadeh Mahmoud Verification criteria for the performance of the finite element model prepared to simulate forging process
615 Hagino Naoto, Endou Junichi, Katoh Shunji, Ishihama Masao Visualization of contact condition between workpiece and v-shape die
616 Shahriari D., Heidari I., Kim K.T. Welding temperature distribution in low carbon steel sheets by fdm and fem
617 Furushima Tsuyoshi, Manabe Ken-Ichi Workability of az31 magnesium alloy tubes in dieless drawing process
618 Lianfa Yang, Songchao Shi Wrinkling analysis for rotary-draw bending of thin-walled tube filled with steel balls
619 Seifi Rahman, Abbasi Zahra Wrinkling in bimetal deep drawing