The conference will be held in the historical city of Krakow, the former capital of Poland and residence of Polish Kings. Krakow is currently the centre of Polish science and culture, with many famous monuments and museums in the Old Town. Krakow is situated at the south of Poland, 100 km from the Tatra Mountains. Beyond the Old Town and the Royal Castle, there are many interesting places in the close neighbourhood of Krakow, among others: Pieskowa Skała Castle, historical salt mine Wieliczka, Pieniny and Tatra Mountains. The weather in September is mostly sunny with temperatures around 20°C. There are direct flight to Krakow International Airport from Frankfurt, London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, and Zurich. Krakow can also be easily reached from Warsaw by plane, car or train. Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza is the 85 years old technical university. The University campus, which will be a site of the Conference, is located in a walking distance from the centre of the city.

A G H (Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza)

The Akademia Górnicza was founded or, as it was said that time - confirmed by the Act dated May 31st, 1913, inaugurated in October, 1919. At the only Faculty of Mining, 80 students started their education in the fall of 1919. The Faculty of Metallurgy was opened in the school year 1922/23. The period from 1928-1931 was the turning point for the AG. The University gained its own buildings; the first required for attaining the D.Sc. Academy degree and the PhD post of assistant professor. The School was renamed in 1949 and henceforth has been known as the Akademia Górniczo - Hutnicza (University of Mining and Metallurgy) although the term "Mining" for ages comprised metallurgy as well.

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